L1 to H1 visa approved COS request abandoned


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1. I have valid L1 A till Dec-2017 with valid I-94 with company A 
2. Company B filed my H1 B visa on April 2016 which got picked up in lottery. Application was filed with COS(From L1 to H1) request. 
3. I had to urgently travel outside USA on August 2016

4. I came back to USA on my L1A visa on Sep 2016 and got new I-94 valid till Dec-2017

5. I received RFE for H1-B which requested my latest I-94.
6. H1-B Attorney responded to RFE with my latest I-94 and I got approval for H1B petition on 11 Jan 2017 but COS request was Abandoned. H1 Petition clearly says that I am ineligible for COS. Also I did not receive new I-94 with H1B decision notice. 

Am I authorized to work on L1A visa till Dec-2017. Need some clarification on this. Also is possible that I could validate my current activated visa type from USCIS.

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