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HI All,

I have received 'Notice of Intent to revoke' on my Approved H1B petition due to Site visit at Client A and I was working at Client B within same MSA(Metro Area) and now my employer is working on the response. I have everything needed to support(EVC Model) and will be replied in a week. But am also looking into the backup options incase of denial(Hope Not).

1. My 60 Grace period starts from Notice of Denial?

2. Will the 60 day rule apply to my case when USCIS denies the petiton?

3. If the 60 day rule applies to me, Should I start working only after getting the receipt notice for the new petition?

4. Applying for H1B transfer while NOIR is responded and in process.

What are my other options based on my scenario. Please share if any.

Thanks In Advance


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