Converted B1to H1b and now stamping.

Nancy 4u

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Hi, I came to U.S. in 2015 on b1 visa. Client was happy and offered h1b role and converted b1 to h1b. I got approval. Im working on h1b visa now and got i140 too. I came to india and should go for stamping. 1. What kind of questions can i expect during interview ? 2. Would it became a problem ? Im nervous. Any advice would help 

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Hi ,

Hi Nancy, when are you going to appear for the interview? can you please share your email address separately?

I am on the same boat, i came in 2014 on B2 and got H1B  and haven't left since then. I am planning to go soon , but havent booked the interview date yet. I have I140 approved in eb2 2010 PD. I was in the US before with F1 and H1B.








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