Taking Summer Classes on an F-1 Visa


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I wanted to find out is there any rule for F-1 that doesn't allow them to take more than 3 credit hours of an online class during the SUMMER semester?  I talked to the international office at my institute and this is my graduation semester, I only have one class left and I'm trying to take it online but the office said that I cannot transfer more than 3 credit hours (the class I want to take is 4 credit hours). Is there a loop hole around this rule for the summer semester. I was doing some research and I found posts that said that the rule applies for a regular spring or fall semester but not necessarily the summer since it's considered a break period so F-1 students don't have restrictions on classes. I wanted to confirm and make sure that this is valid so I don't have any issues with my visa ahead. Would appreciate some help. 

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