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As per the April 2017 pending I 485 inventory: Card/Green Card Through a Job/I-485 Employment-Based Inventory Statistics/EB-I-485-PendingInventory-2016-4.pdf

I see ~700 applications added in year 2000 (37), 2001 (601), 2002 (64), 2003 (126) compared to Jan 2017 pending I 485 inventory.

Experts could you please share some insights why these old applicants could not submit I 485 until now?


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I think these inventory numbers are not reliable. The EB2 numbers for May 2009 onwards went down in April 2017 bulletin. There is no logical explanation as the dates have not been current for those files during the time. How can the numbers go down so much?

For eg:

As per Jan 2017 inventory, 

May 2009 - pending EB2 =1,479

June 2009 - pending EB2 =1,435


As per Apr 2017 inventory, 

May 2009 - pending EB2 = 675

June 2009 - pending EB2 = 604 Card/Green Card Through a Job/EB_I-485_Pending_Inventory_as_of_January_2017.pdf Card/Green Card Through a Job/EB_I-485_Pending_Inventory_04-26-2017.pdf

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