L2 EAD to H1B while in US- Do i need stamping?


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Experts need your quick advice:

I was on L2- EAD which expires end of May 2017. Since my husband couldn't get an extension on his L1, i couldnt extend my EAD as well. My company reactivated my old unused cap exempt H1B and it is approved now.

I have 2 questions 1) Is my H1b immediately effective from the day of approval overriding my earlier L2 EAD?

2) Since i am US during the entire COS process, hence i just have my L2 stamped on my passport. Do i need to have my H1B VISA stamped before my L2 expiry even if i i have no travel planned outside US?

Appreciate any help/direction you can provide in this case. 

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