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I applied for EAD renewal around April 14 (mailed application by first class mail).

As of now I have not received my receipt notice nor is the check cashed out.

I called USCIS and talked at level 2 and they could not locate me.

During my EAD new application I sent application by first class mail to Dallas TX lockbox and got the notice within 10 days. For renewal also I sent it to the same address. So far nothing !!! Later I realized that I have sent to the wrong lockbox, I should have sent it to Phoenix AZ however, as per USCIS website, they will forward the application to correct address in case mailed to wrong address and that is not my concern.

My concern is that almost a month is getting over and there is no response. Shall I resubmit the application? I am concerned as I will have to be jobless in case my EAD is not renewed in time.

I will greatly appreciate your advice and what should I do?


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