Conversion of EB2 to EB1 on H1B with PERM approved


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I have been working for Employer A in US for 6 years (07/2010-07/2016), switched from L1B to H1B visa (10/2012) and have used 4 yrs on H1B (leaving 2 yrs). Company A started the GC process in EB2 and as I reached max physical stay of 6 yrs, I moved back to India in 07/2016. I am still with Company A and will complete a year in India at a managerial position. My GC process has reached PERM filing and as planned it should be approved in 02/2018. I have the below questions regarding some scenarios:

#1: Do I need to be in US in order for my employer to file I-140 in 03/2018?

#1a. If not, after I 140 is approved, can I apply for H1B extensions (out of cap) to travel to US or would I need to apply for a fresh H1B visa or L1A ?

#2. If my employer decides to file I-140 in 03/2018 in EB2 only, can my GC be converted to EB1 later as I will complete 1 year in India with same employer at managerial position, considering I have H1B visa ? 

#3. Would I need to work in US again for 1 year at a managerial position to be able to convert to EB1 or just the 1 year in India should suffice?

#4. Currently, as planned, if PERM is approved for EB2 in 02/2108, can the employer file for I-140 under EB1 instead, with me still working in India or would I need to be in US?

#5. If the I-140 is approved and I travel on my current H1B petition extension, will that stop me from moving to EB1 in future?

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