Successful H1B Stamping @ Calgary May 9th 2017

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Interview Slot at 9AM, but I went early and they allowed me to join the line.

Step 1: Get in the queue for passport, photo and ds160 verification. Here I noticed that we can actually deposit our mobile phone inside consulate.

Step 2: Wait in the seating area to go upstairs for finger print and Visa Interview.

Step 3: Took my finger prints and get in the queue for visa interview.

Step 4: waited for about 25 min.

Step 5: Called for visa Interview

VO: Who is you employer

Me: answered

VO: What is you annual package

Me: answered

Vo: Who is you client

Me: answered

Vo: What are you responsibilities

Me: answered

Vo: Where is you wife and why she din't attend interview with you.

Me: Told him that she was not provided enough leave for visa stamping.

Vo: Took some time to enter some details and gave me Know your rights book.

Me: Thanked him



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