Successful stamping @ Calgary May 3rd


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Here is my experience.

At entrance,
checked ds 160, passport, canada visitor visa, passport photo.


Went through security gate, then was seated for about 20-30 minutes.

 taken upstairs later,
At counter 1, 
passport was checked, asked for I 797 and photo. After checking those, she asked me to go to counter 4 for fingerprints.

At counter 4,
Finger prints provided. She then asked me stand in the line next for visa interview.

Visa Interview (2 counters, 6 and 8). I did see multiple category visa interviews , sounded like every one got approved as far as I saw.

Mine was at counter 8,

VO: Hi.

VO: Where do you work?

VO: Asked about a responsibility that's mentioned in the DS 160.
Explained on that

VO: How long were you with this employer

VO: What is your higher education

VO: annual pay?

VO: Where was your pass visa issued? Hyderabad?
    last visa was issues here in Calgary. Provided him the old passport that has it.

VO: What is your wife name?
VO: Where was she issues last visa?

He typed something in system after every question and finally kept the passport, gave back i 797 and pamphlet.

Told visa is approved, 

Thank you All, 
Good Luck

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