H1B multiple RFE's clarification needed

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I worked in Minneapolis for Client A from 02/May/2016 to 31/Aug/2016. 

I working in Chicago for Client B from 20/Oct/2016 to till date. My current contract is ending by 31st May,2017.

I got a RFE's for Client A and Client B on 2nd Mar,2017 and 8th Mar,2017

For Client A ammendment - They asked me for further evidence

For Client B amendment - They mentioned like Client B cannot be processed until the Client A is cleared.

Now since my "Client B" is ending up by this month end, I have to search for new client. If I get a job in Chicago in I need not file a new amendment. 

But If I get a Client outside Chicago, then I have to file another amendment. 

In this situation, please let me know,

1) What happens if my "Client A"  RFE is not cleared and what would be my status?

2) Should I wait until my Client A and Client B amendments are approved, before I file another amendment for Client C ?



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