H1B visa to J1 visa to J1waiver


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I am a physician in training. I will be exhausting my 6 years of H1B time by Sep 2017 (including recapture time for time spent outside USA). I haven't applied for green card yet. My fellowship training will get completed only by Jun 2018.  I am planning to change from H1B visa to J1 status to complete my fellowship training. Will I be able to get J1 visa waiver and start on a new H1B visa from July 2018 if I get a J1 waiver job? I am asking this question because in USCIS website I read that I will be able to apply for new H1B visa only after 1 year of stay in home country after exhausting 6 years on H1B. Does that 1 year rule hold true for J1 waiver job also as the waiver job always need to be on H1 visa. 

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