SEVIS status completed after my STEM OPT denied

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I graduated April 24th, 2016 which was ACICS accreditation lost University by Dec 12th, 2016 . My Initial OPT will expire May 8th, 2017 and then I will have 60 days grace period. But today I called to SEVP to know the status of SEVIS as my H1B got picked up on lottery, They were saying that my SEVIS was completed.

I am suspecting that, my STEM OPT application received by USCIS on March 7th and rejected by April 21st, believe the same day the SEVIS went completed status. So what I need to do now as i have still one more week of VALID initial OPT and then 60 days grace period. Also I am working now. Please suggest me ASAP.

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For the STEM OPT extension, the university has to be accredited when the extension is filed. It obviously isn't accredited, so filing for the extension was just a waste of time, which also may have cost you the cap-gap.

You need to discuss your situation with a good immigration lawyer.

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You mean CAP GAP also affect as this is not accredited and can not work?. I got reply from Sekhar that, you can apply for cap gap and it does not do anything with accreditation .


My Question is how to make it active status as I still have my Initial OPT period till May 8th, then 60 days Grace period.

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