H1B - H4 COS and Back H1B possible?


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Hi Everyone,

I am currently working on H1B Visa( stamped till August 2018) and project is going to end this month end.

Due to personal reason i want to apply for H4 COS and stay for sometime.

Is it possible to reuse this H1B again? few people say- once H4 conversion is done your H1B is gone and you need to apply for fresh H1B ( Lottery).

Can anyone please help me what is the best option i can take and how can i use this H1B again? 

Do i need to have Paystubs if i want to use my H1B back again? How does it work?

I do not have much understanding on Cap exempt. can anyone explain in details what i must be doing.


Thank you for Help.

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You can come back on h1b (without lottery). When you plan to work again, search for a employer, then his attorney will take care of rest . Only thing is , your h1b needs to be approved, before you start working . You won't  be able to work immediately.


but for sure , your h1b is not gone .

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