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I have a Master's degree in Telecommunications. After Master's I joined company X and worked for 3 years 4 months. I left the company X and moved to company Y and worked for 6 months. After that, I had to make the the transition and the joined the company X back but in a different department and higher lead role and been working for over year now. The job responsibilities are also different than what I used to do when I joined.

Will I be able to show my work experience of 3 years and 4 months for company X in my job application before I joined again.

There is also one more caveat that the company X is now moved under a different legal entity ( parent company ) as it was bought long back and my H1-B is now amended with parent company ( different work identification number )? will that help me in using the work experience in my application ?

Also I do have intership during Masters of 20 hours per week for approx 9 months ? Will I be able to use that work experience ?

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