221(G) blue slip Ottawa

Miral Shah

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Hi everyone, 

Visa interview on 24th April at Ottawa, Canada. Was given 221g blue probably because my research (TAL) 

VO asked me just two questions

what is my feild of masters and am I doing any research? 

Handed me 221g blue form and told me to email my resume and publications I am associated with. 

I just send them my resume and told that I did not have any publications as I am not associated with any yet. 

Just had couple of questions

how long does it usually take for Adminstrative processing especially Ottawa embassy ? 

I am in little hurry as I have my graduation ceremony in school very soon 

What are the approval ratio after getting 221g?

is there any way we can fasten up the process? Would contacting embassy regularly is going to help? 

I have heard people saying that it takes minimum one month? Is there anyone out there for whom process lasted for just 2 weeks or so..? 

Thanks in advance for help!! 



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