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Hi All,

My wife went for H4 visa interview at Hyderabad consulate, at the time of interview VO asked couple of questions and said "VISA HAS BEEN APPROVED", but we need additional information and wait for the email from consulate and respond it back. On the same day, we got the email from consulate and it contains the questioner asking about my wife name, parents name, education, US contact information, resume, itinerary, & other simple questions.

We have replied to the consulate and waiting for the response now.

Did any one is in the same situation? If yes, then please let me know how long it will take to complete the process.


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Hi I went for my H4 visa renewal and same happened to me. The VO asked me about my education and gave me a white form 221g and said to fill the questionnaire which is sent to my email. The questionnaire asked for my bio data(name spouse name parents name US contact sponsor name address) resume research papers job experience. I am from bio and have masters and also worked in India.

Is your wife from Life Sciences also, i heard they are asking for resume from bio background applicants.

Please update about your wife's case.

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I applied it yesterday June 14 for my H4 visa renewal, some say it they categorize these cases under TAL (Technology Alert List)


i didnot respond yet to the email as am waiting for my attorney's reply( i dont know how much they can help). some one told me same thing happend to his cousin she had to submit online the resume etc..she is from bio/chem field and has worked in india..it took 3 weeks for her. The white paper they gave me it was written that will contact in 5 Business days or i can email them back for update.

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Hi vinudepu,

But in my wife case, she never worked. And in her resume we specify work history as "NO WORK EXPERIENCE AND NO INTENTION TO WORK".

Do you think they still takes weeks to issue the visa?

When wife attended the interview, VO said visa is approved but you need to answer the questions that they are going to send in the email.

Any idea?

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Hey Stout,

I heard the minimum they take for processing bio/pharma cases are 3 weeks. I dont know further.

Did you find out anything else, what updates are you getting in the website? did you try to call them?

I have submited my docs yesterday, will wait a week and call them/email them for updates.

All the best

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When I checked the Hyderabad US consulate website it is showing this message

"Your case is currently undergoing processing. Please continue to check this website for updates on the status of your case. Any new information received will be posted to the website."

But when i checked the VFS passport status website, i getting this "Your Passport is under process at U.S Embassy/Consulate."

Does this means, my wife will get the visa soon?

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Sorry to get back late. I think the update on passport status is a positive thing, because when i saw my passport status its given "no records found". So hope you will hear some good news soon.

Please tell me if you have any updates on visa status or if you contacted anyone in the consulate.

My visa status is same as before.

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If the spouse or H4 aspirant is qualified and have work experience will be seen as a potential worker in U.S which conflicts with the basic idea of H4 as dependent visa.

The above is my personal opinion and not a professional statement. I am not an attorney or U.S Immigration expert

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Hi Stout,

Any updates?

I saw my passport tarcking and it said same as ur's did,with U.S cosulate. One thing i did a mistake is i sent my resue in .doc format when they clearing stated to send in .txt, what was i thinking i dint know....any how i changed and sent the .txt format resume and got a recieved email but i think this would delay my case further. Hope atleast you would get the visa sooner.

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Hey Stout,

I have a question?

How did you submit the documents requested, online through online i mean email reply to the same mail or did you submit personally at the VFS office also. And when sending the email how many attachemnts did you have. Because in my case i submitted all my transcripts, job confirmation and releieving letters, convocation certificates total of 17 attachmnts, is this too big list to submit in 1 email. Am confused?

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Hi all,

I have got my visa today from Hyderabad consulate.


interview date: 14 june 2011

Asked docs: passport I797

Questions Asked about my education(masters in biotech)

case 221 G White slip

Docs requested through email: Questionnaire on biodata,Resume,Educational transcripts, Job details.

Submitted docs: 16 july 2011

Response date: 12 july 2011

Total time:3 weeks

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Hi Vinudepu,

My wife went for H4 visa on June 13, one day before your interview..but still she is waiting..she did her bachelor in biotech..after her interview she also got the questioner asking for resume, jobs..

my wife never works, even then we dont have any updates from consulate.

What is the status showing in your case? please let me know.

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Online it was showing same but from yesterday it shows case processed. I suggest you to follow up with consulate through vfs helpline and emails. And check again if you have sent docs in correct format.

Have faith , I believe your wife will get it in this week.

Update me on your case.

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