Nuevo Laredo H1 Visa Stamping - April 17

Eric Cartman

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Got H1 and H4 Visa Stamping done in Nuevo Laredo, Mx on April 10. Only go there if you are RENEWING visa, they do not do 1st time stamping.

If you live in Austin/San Antonio or any where close to the border then this is a good embassy to go to.

Getting there by road 

- You can either drive your car into NL as the embassy comes in the "free zone", google it for more info.

- Or you can park your car at the Greyhound station in Laredo, TX ($ 16 per day) and walk across the border and take a cab into NL (Max 100 pesos)


- Best Western NL is the best hotel there with friendly english speaking staff, there will also be a Starbucks there in the coming weeks. Try booking through the hotel over phone as it might be cheaper than online websites.

- It's also a 3-5 min walk from the embassy


- BW has a breakfast buffet which is ok but otherwise food nearby was not the best. You can order Dominos, ask the hotel folks they will help you out

Visa Process

We went over the weekend, ASC interview on Saturday and Visa interview on Monday

ASC appointment is straight forward - get there 15 min before and you will be outta there in another 15 min

Same with Visa interview

I got a form 221 g related to SEVIS during my interview so I had to wait for 4 days but was not asked for any documents. 


When we first went in the place felt a little scary but that is mainly because of reputation. The locals are extremely friendly and you can walk anywhere within a 10-15 min radius of the embassy without any issues. It is still safer than quite a few places in the US and ROW. Just make sure you are in well lit areas during night time.

In case you are stuck there like we were, there is an HEB close to the hotel and it also has a strip mall with some decent restaurants.


It will take 1-2 hours at us customs as they will ask some questions but they are friendly people. 



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@Eric Cartman Very helpful review, thanks. Am considering maybe hopping to MX for a visa stamping since getting the right dates in Canada is turning out to be a challenge.

When you say 'renewal' it could be a visa when the previous ones were issued in a different country, right? Not that the 1st visa had to be from MX?

Surprised (good surprise) that they do Saturday ASC appointments.

Did you use you any agency to help you with the logistics and process? 

And where did you finally park you car?

I guess going by your username, once you got the visa you told 'em  's---- you guys, I'm going home!' ;)

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@ajaysharma thanks! I meant that if you have an existing expired stamp of the visa you are trying to renew then you are good to go. My first h1b stamp was in hyd. 

Did the logistics planning myself so cant give any pointers there.

And I parked my car at the Greyhound bus station, its a 5-10 min walk from the border.

Wish I could say that but haven't made usa my home yet, maybe soon!



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On 6/11/2019 at 10:40 AM, mavrikicecool said:

Hi Eric,

Can you please help me, as i am abt to book the dates for neuvo laredo, because  matamoros doesn't have any dates, 




  Can you please reach me out at kiranpvak @ as I am planning to attend the VISA next month?



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