H-1B Extension received RFE but have approved I-140

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Thank you for your help in advance!!

here is my situation.

i am working on H-1B 6th year for a big outsourcing organization which will expires on 09/02/2017. EB2 perm petition has been approved in July 2016 and I-140 has been approved on 03/07/2017.

my existing H-1B petition has been expired in October 2016.So My employer has filed H-1B  extension in October 2016 which has received RFE on march 30th 2017. As part of extension my employer used approved perm petition to request one more year of stay for me on top 6 years which will expires on 09/02/2017. My employer hasn't shared the reason for RFE but they did file requested documents on 04/24/2017 with USCIS.

questions i have here are what happens if my H-1B extension rejected? Should i stay back for sometime here in USA if so how long can i stay back? Will the employer have a chance to file my extension again using approved I-140 petition? any information around this situation highly appreciated.

Thank you very much!! Appreciate any thoughts on these questions.





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