DUI first offense.court date is may 2017.my H1b got picked and will it be effected.


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Hi recently I have been arrested for DUI(first offense).no one hurt and was in parking lot and got pulled by cop.my 1st court date is in may 2017.I have hired attorney for DUI.And i have received a mail from us consulate that my visa has been revoked.

Q1) My employer filed H1b before this DUI happened.and my h1b application got picked.uscis deny my H1b application? 

Q2) should i tell my employer about my DUI? 

please let me know your experiences if any in past.



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first congrats on ur pick

dont worry abt ur application they will review it an give decision accordingly , dui doesn't lead to rejection

u may get rfe and that's a big if but u can submit documents and get it resolved

for ur employer depends on ur rapport with ur manager and company policy 

some tell some dont. Talk to ur attorney and see what he says. 

All the best and let us know if you have other questions 




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Thanks rockersingh..It has been a month still i was unable to digest.I have consulted DUI attorney he told me that it might take 4,5months to get court judgement.few days back my project ended.and i was worried about my background checks.i have attended few interviews.

please let me know will they hire me.i was looking for contract positions.so will the vendors come to know that i have DUI?will be a break?

I was in confusion whether to stay in usa.

please help me how to deal with this.


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