H1 Extension RFE - 04/2017


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I applied on H1 extension 03/23/2017 on premium process, and I received RFE for more evidence for education, job duties etc.

My employer submitted wrong Amendment for end client. 

I am working since last 4 years as a web developer/ computer programmer. I have completed M.sc Electronics. 

 Now my employer said find some company and do visa transfer, they are not going to respond USCIS.

 And my H1 is expiring on 05/05/2017. I had 13 months left on my H1 extension. I am not able to a new employer. 

 Even my PERM was in processing since last 2 months. I just started EB3 process in 02/10/2017. Now what happened my GC process?

 I already applied visa transfer from H1 to F1 (student) on 04/08/2017. I don’t know if it will approve or Not.


1. Do I need to leave country after my H1 expire ?

2. should i wait for F1 approval ? 

3. What I can do?

Please find the attached copy.


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