Stem Opt Denied


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Hi Friends,

I have seen today a release by USCIS stating that students who apply for stem opt from acics accredited university will be denied after December 12th. They also mentioned if the DSO signs the I20 before December 12th 2016, they will have no effect.



Now coming to My case.


My DSO has signed my I20 on December 6th 2016, but reached USCIS on December 20th. And my Application was denied on March 21st, where my initial opt ended on Jan 28th.  To maintain my F1 status, i immediately joined another college.


Now can i reopen the case as USCIS released a clear statement on this issue today.???


Please give me valuable suggestions.

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This is nothing new.

The university has to be accredited to get an OPT extension.

And if you joined another university, OPT is gone anyway, as soon as you joined the other university. That's all in the law.

You can't get an OPT extension.

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