case approved with i-94


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Hi there,

I am yet to get all the details, but this is what I got from my lawyer.

The case above was approved without an I-94. The extension of stay was denied as the Beneficiary was outside the United States when the petition was filed, however the H1B classification was approved for consular processing in New Delhi with validity dates 4/6/17 to 3/15/2020. In order for the Beneficiary to obtain a visa, he must go to the consulate with this approval. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you.   


.I had to travel outside of USA, while my h1b extension was being processed. I have my current i-94 valid till july 2017

anyway i can stay in usa get it resolved or I have to go for visa interview again ? will travelling outside of usa voids my current i-94 ?  please advice

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