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My husband is my petitioner. We sent our I-864 a month ago and received REF to send additional information about his current income. The REF states, "The petitioner/sponsor lists their current income on I-864 as an amount to be considered sufficient; however, no evidence has been submitted as proof of current income."
He had his current job only for 2 months so we only entered his anticipated income for this year on I-864 and sent a letter of employment verification. We did send his 2014,2015, and 2016 tax transcripts and W-2s for 2016, but we did not send his pay stubs. 
1. If he only had his current job for 2 months and USCIS is asking for the pay stubs for the last 6 months, should we send them the stubs from his previous job as a proof of his income which would not be technically current? 
2. Do we also need to get a letter of employment verification from his previous job since we might need to send the stubs from his previous work?
3. Every month my husband makes different amount since he as an assistant manager gets 15% of all the tips so I wonder what we should put as his current income on I-864 if it fluctuates every month? 
My sister is my joint sponsor. She also just got a new job recently - about two months when we sent our AOS packet. For her we sent a letter of employment verification that stated how much she will be making, a couple of stubs since she worked at her new job for a couple of months, and her 2013, 2014, 2015 tax transcripts. At that time, she did not have her 2016 tax return, so we did not send it. She will be making around $50,000 and she is married and has one kid, so the household of 3 plus me. But the REF states that "Based on the documents submitted with Form i-864 for joint sponsor, the income did not meet the 125% of the poverty guideline for the joint sponsor's household size.
1. If she will be making $50,000, how is that we have been informed that she does not meet the poverty guideline? Was it because we have only submitted a couple of stubs? However, her letter of employment verification stated how much she will be making. Is it not enough as a proof of current income? Should she get stubs from her previous work just like in the case with my husband-petitioner?
2. They asked to send info about assets that meet the standards. The REF says, "Assets must equal the stated difference between the joint sponsor's household income and 125% of the poverty guideline". What does it mean?
Thank you so much in advance!




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