H1b RFE Processing Timelines


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Hi Team,

Good day!

I am a new user who just onboarded today, well I would like to know what is the general processing timelines for the USCIS to convey the decision on H1b RFE. Could you please someone have a look on the below details and suggest what is the expected timeline for H1b RFE processing.

H1B Quota: 2017 Year (Last Year H1b quota)

H1B Applied: April 4 2016 (picked up in lottery)

H1b RFE received: Oct 19 2016

H1B RFE Submitted with evidence: Jan 17 2017

Current Status: Response To USCIS' Request For Evidence Was Received (which is the same from Jan 17)

Almost 90 days passed away, could you please someone let know how long they will take to process it.



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