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Hi All, 

I worked for company A (a global s/w company) in India for ~2.5 years. I moved to company B which is based in the US. Company B sponsored my H1B. I have been working for Company B for ~1 year now. Now Company A is offering me a managerial role in their US office. This might sound absurd, but asking it anyways. Can company A hire me on an L1A given I worked with them in their India office for 2+ years? Since I left employment in company A in between, will that preclude them from going with L1A option? 


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I was hired by an organization A in the US on TN. I was relocated back to Canada in Aug 2016 to work for the same organization A. Since then I visited 3-4 times to the US for a total of 10 days. Not the same organization was to relocate me back to the US and I'm trying to drag/delay it till I become eligible for L1.

Can some someone clarify when I become eligible for L1 to move back to the USA? I am a Canadian citizen born.


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