H1B Bridge Transfer to another employer with receipt number ?

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I had worked for company A, On 10th March I have joined company B on H1B Receipt # - company B received RFE , they are going to reply in sometime.

Now I have another good offer from Company C which I don't want to miss ( my last H1B petition was approved till OCT- 2018, now they revoked it ) , Also have valid I-94 - no gap in employment/proper paychecks.

1) If company C file Bridge petition ,  Can I join them immediately on the basis of their receipt nr # ? ( this will be normal petition since there is no Premium after 3rd April )

2) If I have joined company C on transfer H1B receipt nr# , if company B petition withdraw or Revoked - will it impact company C petition ?

Your help/input  will be highly helpful to me !!

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