H1B Transfer receipt processing time after 3rd April'2017


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I was about to get an offer from a product company but their HR told me that H1B transfer receipt process takes around 2-3 months(after suspension of Premium processing for next 6 months) so they may not consider me for this role but I think it may take 2-3 weeks only with regular processing.

I just want to know the exact processing time for H1B transfer receipt after 3rd April'2017 so I can share this information with them.

Does anyone got the receipt with H1B regular transfer ? 

Is there any SLA for receipt of H1B transfer with regular processing ?

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For regular processing, 2-3 weeks is the standard processing time for obtaining a USCIS Receipt # / notice. There is no email facility in regular processing, so the attorney has to wait for the physical mail to look out for the receipt notice. 

Unfortunately, there is no SLA for regular processing and it may vary anywhere between 2-6 months or more. The current processing time is available on the following link: 


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