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I filed my H4 EAD extension on January 26th,2017. I got RFE notice on April 4th,2017,  asking for photographs that was missed before. I submitted the evidence the very next day. The documents were delivered to USCIS on April 10th,2017.

My current EAD card is expiring on May 31st, 2017. Considering the processing time that it takes ( which in my case is showing 78 days) - Will I have to quit my current job if I do not get the new Card before May 31st,2017? Or does the H4 EAD extension works similar to H1 extension, where you are allowed to work as long as your visa is in the process of extension?


Can somebody please help with this question - Will I be able to work while my H4 EAD extension is in the process or will I have to quit if it does not receive on time ( before the expiry date of my current card)





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