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Hello All,

i have applied for an H1b extension on March 29th under premium processing to Vermont service center. Yesterday I got an email from Attorney that my petition was sent back but they did not disclose the reason.

My petition applied through the same employer and the same job title as of my H1B. Do I have to send the petition to Nebraska service center?

Please let me know the reasons for sending the petition back if you have an idea. Thanks!

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I am also in the same exact situation. I have been with my employer for 3 years (no change in title everything same )and my visa is expiring April 20. We filed for my extension and it reached USCIS March27 and yesterday my attorney called me and said she received the whole package back. I have no idea which service center she applied and now we are going to send my application through regular processing. 

Can someone please guide me to which service center my application should be sent. I do not want her to mess my application again and I do not have time if she mess up my application.

Please Help.



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Hi Clayman

I am working for the same employer for the past 4 years. The attorney said that the application needs to send to NSC. 

Glad that VSC accepted and processed your application. Not sure if there is some other reason for sending my application back  which attorney is not revealing. But now they sent my application to NSC for regular processing.


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17 hours ago, Clayman said:

FYI- I am with my employer for more than 4 years , same job title, and my attorney sent my H1B extension to vermont center on 3/30 as PP and i got the approval today.


Is Box b. on Part 2, Question 2, Page 2 of Form I-129 checked? If yes, application was supposed to be sent to Nebraska as per USCIS guidance. If Box b is checked and Vermont center accepted it and approved it, you must be lucky. It doesn't mean that they would approve all such petitions that were incorrectly sent to VSC/CSC instead of NSC.

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