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I am currently on H4(valid till june 2 2017). My i-539 for h4 extension is pending since mar 16th 2017 in nebraska. I am not able to check for processing times for i-539 in nebraska processing times list. I am not sure when my H4 extn will be approved.

I want to shift to F-1 for aug 2017 sem. I am not sure if I can start applying for COS from H4 to f1 - given the situation that I am waiting for my H4 extn.

My i-539 was submitted along with my husbands h1 extn appl in pp - but some how nebraska couldnt take my i-539 under pp.

Please advise on what steps to take to convert to f-1 in my situation.

I am currently in my second sem and I have only 2 sems left ( aug 2017, jan 2018) to complete my ms - I want to shift to f-1 to get opt rather than wait for the decision on h4 ead rule after 6 months - with no clarity on whether h4 ead rule will be safe.

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