What are my options for applying OPT Stem extension? [Help]


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Hello, I need some advice regarding OPT stem extension. I got a job as a contractor through **** Group for a client. My payroll will be run by ****, so technically I am employed by ****, not the client. My OPT expires in July and I want to apply for STEM extension but I came to know that Employment agencies like **** etc don’t qualify for OPT extension and I983, I765 with them listed as employer would most likely be rejected by the school and USCIS.

So, what are my options for applying OPT extension? Can anyone else who went through a similar situation share their experience and suggestions?

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7 hours ago, JoeF said:

Find another employer, not an agency.


do you know if companies like teksystems, randstad, modis etc are classified as agencies or consultancies? As consultancies are allowed but staffing agencies aren't. My employer - one of these so called agencies says all the extensions they have applied in the last year went through but I am still worried.

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