H1B Visa extension


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I am an employee of an Indian IT firm and currently working for GE as a contractor in US.
Visa Type - H1B
My visa and I-94 are getting expired on 07/19/2017.
I have already started the process of visa extension with my company around 3 weeks back and now expecting a receipt from USCIS in a day or 2.
So, now the situation is my project might be closing down in few weeks.
Most likely I will get another project from my employer after this project ends. 

Below are the possible order of events that can happen.

1. Current Project End --> New project found --> Visa expiry date (No decision on visa extension till now)

2. Current Project End --> Visa expiry date (No decision on visa extension till now) -->  New project found

How should I deal (Amendment etc) with these?
Also, what if I get a RFE (as many of my friends are getting) before I find a new project but after my current project ends?

*New project can be with a non-GE client as well.

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