Citizenship Eligibility- Difference between Physical presence and continous presence


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Hello folks

I was wanting to get come expert clarity on what is the interpretation for 'Physical Presence' and 'Continuous Stay' for the purpose of determining the eligibility for citizenship.

Guide to naturalization says , one must have 30 months of 'Physical Presence' and one must also show 'continuous residence'  , in case one is applying for naturalization, based on permanent resident.

Per my limited understanding , once a person has completed 5 yrs since PR was granted, he/she should have stayed in US for a minimum of 30 months, out of the total of 60 months ( 5 yrs) duration, in order to establish the criteria for 'Physical Stay'.

Not sure what is meant by continous presence.

I completed my 5 yrs of stay , after getting GC , on 31st March, 2017. Within this period, I have had 3 trips to India for 3week- 4 week duration, and 5 trips to Canada,  each lasting for 4 days ( Mon-Friday travel). I have never been out of country for more than a month , a a stretch. I believe I fulfill the criteria for physical stay and continuous presence

Kindly advice




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