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Drop Box date : 3/3/17

Interview Date : 3/7/17

Location : Delhi

Its been in 'Administrative Processing' for last one month since 3/10/17. Couple of 221(g) have been issued and documents sent to consulate promptly. Last set of docs were sent on 3/28, still the status in CEAC is Admin processing with the last update date of 3/31. Passport is still with the consulate.

However, the passport status in CGI federal has updated yesterday to "Document Delivery Information:" and there is nothing else after this seemingly incomplete status.

Secondly, sending an email to used to give me a status " Your passport is still with embassy" till last week. It has changed to "there is no status available for this passport number".

Not sure what is going on. If anyone has thoughts on this, will appreciate help.






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Hi Guys,

I am sailing in same ship but with different scenarios. I came to India with approval over my extension and to get my H1-B Visa stamping but unfortunately stuck in Administrative Processing with White slip. Now, this is my 3rd week from any update except I can see a change in status to 'Document Delivery Information'. Can anyone of you share your confirmation about success.

I am little worries what would be the next thing going to happened as there is no update since the submission of my Passport and requested documents to US Embassy.

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