Can I file H4 EAD renewalwith an H4 approval notice having different dates from the H1B approval notice


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Info: I am currently on H1B visa and my wife is on H4-EAD. Both were expiring on 06/22/17. 

My employer filed for H1B and H4 extension (Unfoturnately, my employer was not ready to combine and apply H1, H4 and EAD together), both got approved and received the approval notices.

H1B approval notice got the correct dates from 06/23/17 till 06/22/19. But for my wife, H4 approval was received with different dates as from 07/16/17 till 07/14/20. 

Question:  Please let me know if I can file H4 EAD with the approval notice containing above dates (though there is a gap between 06/22  (current)  till 07/16  (new) the H4 approval notices) 


should I have to correct these dates, before applying EAD. 

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