Visa Stamping after change in employer

Ramesh Konathala

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Hello Team-  I have a valid stamped visa till 31st July 2017. I recently changed my employer and got the petition extended till December 31st 2017 and i currently work with new organization. I have a travel plan to India in next month May for 2 weeks.

My question is  

-Do i have to take an appointment for stamping because there is a change in employer ?

-What are the complications or issues during my POE and other things i need to be cautious of ?


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It is not a mandatory that you to goto visa stamping. It is not required as you would be returning some time in May 2017 itself that is before your current valid visa expire on 31st July 2017.

When you go to India next time you can plan for visa stamping.


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I am on H1B visa and have similar situation, I have question regarding my Travel to India and come back to USA.


I was working with Employer A from dec 2012 till Oct 2016

During this time I went to Mumbai, India in Nov 2015 and did the H1B visa stamping and visa get stamped till July 2018 ON passport H1B stamp the PN: details with employer A . Come back to USA in dec 2015.


I switched the job and joined the full time Employer B in Oct 2016 and new I-797 approval notice approved till July 2019. Meanwhile my previous Employer A revoked my h1B <i129>petition.


Now I have to travel to India in month May and will come back in June 2017.


My question is –

1.   Do I need to go to H1B Visa Stamping in India?

2.   Can I come back to USA with previous stamped h1 visa  < even when previous employer revoked the i129 application> and with new 797 approval ?




Same situation is for my wife, She is on H4 Visa.

During our last India visit Nov 2015. She also get her visa stamped along with me for H4. Her passport also get visa stamped till July 2018.

While I switched the job, her new 797 <I539 application> also approved till July 2019.


Now we have plan to travel to India in month May and coming back in June 2017.

My question is –

1.   Does my wife need to go for visa stamping in India ?

2.   Can she came back to USA with her previous stamped H4 Visa and new i797 approval notice?


Found below in USICS link à


Appreciate your response.

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