I-485 through ex employer


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I have PERM & I-140 approved with my ex employer A. My dates are current. I currently work with Employer B on H1B visa. My current employer B filed PERM last year and got denied due to technical error. Now they have filed a new PERM.


At the same time, my ex employer has agreed to hire once I get my green card and based on which I can file my I-485.

My question is with given scenario and immigration changes, should I go ahead and file I-485 thru my ex employer or wait for the PERM results with current employer.

Reasons for my question:

1)      Since my PERM was denied 1st time, chances of audit with same employer may be high this year which may longer. Also since employer is having cash loss, question of ability to pay may arise however there is enough funding through corporate overseas borrowing.

2)      Filing I-485 thru ex employer may raise some RFE questions or interview though intentions may be genuine.

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