Immigrant Visa While Pregnant - US Consulate, Mumbai

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Hello Everyone,

I would really appreciate if anyone who were in a similar situation like us can share their experience or provide your guidance.

I am a green card holder and my wife is an indian citizen. We got married in 2015. 
Below is a short summary of our case.
- I have filed her case under F2A category
- Priority date is Aug 2015. 
- I130 has been approved NVC fee has been paid.
- Received a confirmation from NVC that they have received all the documentation, 
   will setup an appointment as soon as the dates are current.
- The interview will be held at the US Consulate Mumbai.

Below is our current situation
- My wife is pregnant. Her due date is in September 2017
- Her doctor advised her not to take chest X-ray or any kind of vaccination
- I called up NVC and they recommended to speak with US consulate, mumbai
- When i called the hotline for ustraveldocs, they recommended to send them an email to
- I contacted one of our attorneys and they havne't responded with useful information.

Based on the recent visa bulletin, we are expecting an interview  any time aorund May till July.

Below are our questions,
1) Can she get a waiver for Chest x-ray and for vaccinations as she is pregnant? If not, what are our options?
2) Will she be granted an immigrant visa while she is pregnant?

We would really appreciate your help. Thank you for your time.

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