I-140 refiling


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My first I-140 was denied due to my employer not being able to show ability to pay. We filed unaudited financial statement. We are refiling I-140 with substantial evidence such as audited financial statement, letter from bank, my recent pay stubs showing salary being paid is equal to preferred wage, statement from our CFO that over 500 people work for the company, Square footage of two of our sites. There was discrepancy on proferred wage between PERM application and I-140. When we filed PERM proffered wage was $44000 (way above required wage for my position), and on I-140 wage was $52000. My priority date is June 29, 2016. Proffered wage mentioned on I-140 was paid to me from January 1st, 2017 onwards and I have pay stubs which clearly states that figure as my annual income. Besides from what else we submitted with refiling, are my pay stubs with stated salary of $52000 sufficient enough to prove that employer has the ability to pay me the proferred wage? 

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