Moving from H1 to EAD

Susan Rheyas

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I have been with my current employer for more than 10 years. I am currently working on H1B (EB2) and my employer had applied for my GC. I am still waiting on AOS and my PD is Oct 2009.
I got my first EAD/AP almost 5 years back but always worked on H1. Now I am thinking of moving to a different employer on EAD. It is a big decision for me and need your expert opinions regarding this.
1. Confusion about AC21 and EAD. I understand AC21 is for porting my H1B to another employer. But I also see under AC21, one can start using EAD. In my case, if I am changing employers, do I still need to use AC21 or just start working on EAD?
2. Is my current situation very simple? Do I just find a new employer and start working for them without filling up additional forms and submitting to USCIS?
3. In cases of RFE, do I need a valid reason to explain to USCIS why I moved my current employer in H1 and moved to EAD with another employer?
4. While working on EAD, should the Job title, description and wages be the same when my current employer applied for my 485/GC?
5. If my H1B still has another valid 3 months and I decide to move on EAD, what happens to my H1B?
6. Can I switch to a new employer on W2 Contract? That is, I am not a permanent employee of the new employer.
7. Do I have to notify my current employer or USCIS of the move?
8. Can my current employer revoke my pending/approved applications (if any)?
9. Can I go back to my original employer back on EAD?
10. Should my new employer fill out additional forms so that my GC application is still valid? What paper work should my new employer be doing?
11. What happens when I get my GC? Should my original employer be notified or should I go back and work for them, because they applied GC for me?
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