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H4 EAD scenarios (Assuming Max-out date - May 18 2018) -  My spouse current H1B petition expires by Dec 31 2017 and she has I 140 approval


1.      Can my spouse initiate H4 EAD for me , when her visa H1B extension is in 'pending decision' ?

[Her current H1B petition expires by Dec 2017, So she would file her extension by September 2017. It's highly likely to be in pending decision]


2.    Would it be appropriate to initiate H4 EAD for myself (with starting date of May 18 2018) when my spouse's employer files the extension. And can My employer help me initiate the H4 EAD ? I            don’t think her employer would do that for me. 


3.      If my H4 EAD on above said condition is approved  by April 2018 , would this affect the PERM processing, as H4 EAD would be only effective starting May 18 2018.


4.      If my H4 EAD on above said condition is approved  by April 2018, and if my PERM  and I-140  comes approval comes after my H4 EAD approval but before May 18th 2018, Can I revoke that H4 EAD. How long would this process take? I would like to continue it with my own extension?


5.      If my PERM and I-140 is approved before my H4 EAD , I will cancel my H4 EAD, Hope this is possible. Please confirm


6.    When do you think would be the best time to initiate the H4 EAD, when she do her extension in September 2017 or after December 31st 2017?


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