Please let me know if I am eligible for EB2 GreenCard

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I studied my Bachelor of technology(BTECH) in Biotechnology in India (completed in 2008). After that, I worked for an IT company as a Project Engineer in Microsoft’s web technology from July, 2009 – July, 2012(3 years). Then on August 2012, I came to USA and completed my Masters in Business Administration in August 2013 and started working as a Software Consultant in the same technology, that I was working-on in India, for a Financial Firm since 2013 December. I am more of a full stack developer in my current work meaning I play different roles including Business Analyst, Architect, Developer and Tester for each project. I totally have 6+ years of experience working in Information Technology industry now and I am in 3rd year of my H1B.

So here is my question, “I would like to know if I would be eligible for employer sponsored green card in EB2 Category” as my current job role is not directly related to my major in undergrad and masters though I play business analyst role as well in my current consulting work. If not, what are my other employee sponsored green card options. Thanks in advance for answering my query.

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