what is the Proedure for H4 I-539 Name correction? spouse left to india with incorrect paperwork.


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Dear Sir,

I am on H1b and my wife is on H4. i recently changed employment and so we applied for H1 transfer. My wife last name (portion of middle name missing) and first name (one letter missing) was incorrect in I-539, how ever it is our mistake as in the application form while filling.

Problem is that she traveled to India with that paper, returned that I-94. I am going to India for visa stamping (as our visa expired). Do i have to get her name corrected before going to stamping (if so, what is the procedure)or can i go to visa with the same paper work and the name will be stamped in passport as per DS156 application.

Only one thing i did is , i notified USCIS Vermont premium processing unit about this issue before her travel. so there is some record on their side.

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