i94 old date given on my passport

Sachin G

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I have recently come back from my short visit on March 07, 2017. I have noticed that my last valid date stamped on passport mentioned as Aug 31, 2017 (Per H1-B VISA stamped, this time I have used my previous employer VISA stamp) so I have cross checked with online i94 which is also mentioned as Admit Until Date: 08/31/2017 but my i797 valid date is 08/11/2019. I’m not sure if it is good for me or any action required. Please advise.

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You need to take action...regardless of your I797 date, your I94 date is what makes your stay legal. When you entered in March, you probably did not present your I797 with 2019 date and that is why POE officer only made your I94 valid till the visa stamp date.

Either go out of the country and renter again to get a new I94 valid to match your I797 date or refile for H1B (consult your attorney for this option).

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