Changing Jobs with approved I-140 and spouse has H4-EAD


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Dear Attorneys / Members,

     Scenario is as under:-

1. I work for 'H1Company' with a 'H1Client'.

2. My Priority Date is Oct 2015 and my I-140 got approved in March 2016.

3. My spouse has H4-EAD and works for H4Company with H4Client.

4. Now 'H1Client' has extended an offer for FTE to me. It is a large investment bank in USA.

5. Is it feasible for me to accept the offer from 'H1Client' without losing my PD and I-140. Is it going to have any effect on spouse H4-EAD.

   5.1. What legal actions need to be taken by 'H1Client' to effectively hire me in terms of applications and documentation.

   5.2. I understand as per current regulations 'H1Company' can not revoke my approved labor or I-140. What else they can do if they want to play dirty? (Not that I expect them to).

My records are all clean in US and India.

Would appreciate your guidance on this situation. May be it is a lot of information to give so if you can point me to resources to read and research I will appreciate that as well.




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