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Sumanth TS

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Dear All,


I have my PERM certification after RFE. Now my employer is filing the I-140. My current H1-B 6 year will get complete on May 14 considering all recapturing time.

Normal I-140 takes 6 months, Can I ask my employer to file premium processing? USCIS has stopped the premium processing from Apr 3, 2017. Does this mean they cant accept premium processing now?

Please advise, what can be done at this point of time.





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As far as I know and heard, anything related to H1 petition like amendment, transfer etc., should be filed before 04/03 in order to process in premium. Even it is filed in premium it is not 100% guaranteed to be processed in premium. It depends on USCIS load and if they can't process it in premium, fee for premium processing will be refunded.

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