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   My company already filed L1 to H1 COS in premium processing on 2-Mar-2017 but haven't received any receipt number yet. 

My L1B visa and I94 is going to expire 30-Mar-2017. If I get receipt number next week and USCIS may take 2/3 weeks for COS approval, can I extend my stay after 30-Mar-2017 on the COS receipt?

Thanks in advanced

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Can you pls let me know what happened further with your case. I am in a similar situation where I want to do L1 to H1 CoS but since this process takes a long time, I am being suggested to travel to India and get the visa stamped there. I am not able to do the same as my current L visa is expired and I am on I-94. If I go to INdia and in case if things doesnt work, I have no way to return back.

I understood that CoS from L1 to H1 is a two step process. In the first step CoS is done which takes 3+ months and then only H1 Transfer can happen (It means then I can get a receipt to work with the next employer).

However I see that you are expecting receipt to come in few days of filing for CoS and hence asking this question.




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