H1B amendment approved with new I94


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Little bit background first - 

I am H1B with I140 approved and already in 7th year with petition expiring 08/19/2017. I am working on my extension and pushing to get it filed in premium before March 30, 2017. 

 I moved from PA to GA in Sept 2016 and my company filed location change amendment which got approved last week. Today I got the I797-A approval notice for the amendment in hand and it is showing validity till September 2019 also the I94 attached at the bottom of this notice states the same validity date. 

Question -

1. Does USCIS extended my petition along with location change amendment? 

2. Since I got new I-94 do I need to file the extension for the petition expiring on 08/19/2017? 

3. If number 1&2 are true and if I don't have to file new petition I will just have to file h4 extension for my wife? 

Can someone answer my questions asap? If I need to file extension I do not want to delay as I am going to file it in premium. 

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hey thanks all for responding. So my next question is Can I send my wife to Canada for H4 stamping with my new I797 and she can enter US after stamping. Post that we can file her EAD which would take 50~90 days. With the current processing delays I am not sure how much time it will take to get her h4 extension.

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On 3/16/2017 at 3:30 PM, LoanSurvivor said:



I have a similar question. My H1B location change amendment petition for client A expires in 2019, however my H1B visa stamped on my passport expires on June 12 2018 and on I94 -- June 22 2018. And I am still working with client A.

My questions are:

1. Do I need to go for H1 B extension? Can I use my latest location change amendment petition 2019 to stay and work in US? Do I need to leave the country and come back with my new petition date stamped on my passport and get a new I 94 if I go with this option 1?

2. If not option 1: Which H1 B expiry date is considered before which extension needs to be filed? Expiry data stamped on my visa OR I 94 date?

Also would I be able to leave my organization and work with another organization with a H1B transfer using my location change Amendment petition expiry date of 2019?


@Loansurvivor- You mentioned that you received new I94 with your location change petition, what does that mean? what should I be looking at in my petition which reflects a new i-94 ?
Thanks  in advance .


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