H1-B and H4 renew in Premium Processing, as per the 120 days rule

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Hi All,

Need your thoughts and suggestions on this situation !!

I am currently on H1B (and my spouse is on H4) which is active till 11-Aug-2017, as per the 120 days rule I am planning for applying H1B and H4 Extension(with I-140) on or before 2-April-2017 in Premium processing.

We searched through several forums but were not able to find answers related to this situation.

Kindly provide your thoughts on below:

Can i apply H1B and H4 for premium processing because it will be 129 days left for expiry for my H1B.


Thanks and Regards,

Rakesh Kumar


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Yes, you can apply both together .. H1B and H4 premium but make sure, you file with correct fees. as the fees have been changed and application forms have udpated date. 

By this way, your H1B and H4 Including H4 EAD all of them will be approved within 15 days.. if no issues in your case. 

But you have to fill and file H1B, H4 and H4EAD and respective forms all together in same package.. 

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